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The most efficient and effective way of building online platforms

Blu-Tech is a leading provider of websites and apps that cater to your organisation.



Prior to this meeting, the client will have to fill out the Business Advisory Marketing Discovery online form.

The purpose of this meeting is to fully

understand the clients needs and what 

they want out of their platform

Ideas, Planning, Strategies

A plan that works

Planning out your website based on the discovery meeting will allow us to best strategise the design, the development

and how it will be deployed online

Building your platform

When all of the initial research and planning work is done, we then start building your platform according our plans

The Process

Start Today!


Design | Develop | Deploy

Contact us today to discuss your online platform

Plans & Pricing

With the Right Software,
Great Things Can Happen

Bluwave Galumoana Ltd

A name trusted by Professionals

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